Scrubs. Salt body scrub

Handmade saline body scrub is an excellent remedy for the gentle pilling. It gently scrubs old cells and furthers the revelation of new young skin cells. The oil scrub with sea salt brings refreshing and toning effect on the skin. A carefully selected range of oils nourishes the skin. 

Along with the peeling effect, the organic body scrub on the saline basis smoothes the skin and stimulates the blood circulation. The saline scrub will help in case of the appearance of cellulite, for removing toxins and excess moisture from the skin. 

Handmade cosmetics

Exclusively natural ingredients and no preservatives, this is the card of our cosmetic products. The saline scrub includes the cocoa butter, the coconut and the grape seed as well as the sea salt. In addition, each scrub is supplemented by the definite flavor: 

  • Blueberry and Blackberry

  • Grapefruit

  • Lavender

  • Mint

  • Red Grapes

  • Rose

  • Strawberries with Cream

  • Bright Crystal

Our body scrub will suit everybody. If you put it on the warmed-up skin, it will be melting right in front of your eyes due to the oily base. However, it is important to bear in the mind that it cannot be used after the depilation. The damaging of the skin is also the contraindication to its usage.