Bath Milk

Do you know why the skin of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra always looked luxuriously? The secret of her beauty is simple – it is a bath with milk. It was the bath with milk which made her skin extremely delicate and velvet, enriched the skin with vitamins of groups A, B, D, E and with the necessary protein, calcium and lactose. Acid, contained in milk, has a peeling effect, gives the skin a smooth and youthful appearance. 

Cleopatra’s bath with milk perfectly moisturizes and tightens the skin, smoothes wrinkles. Upon the condition that it is regular used, the body rejuvenates, pigments disappears, fatigue and stress disappear. 

How to use the milk for bath

The bath is to be filled with water (the temperature is from 35 to 38 ° C) and the powder milk for body (100g) is to be dissolved in it. The time of such bath should limit to 20 minutes. The Optimal frequency of such bath is once a week. After the bath, it is no necessary to take a shower and use the cream. Required cosmetics for body contains in milk for bath in sufficient quantity. It is advisable not to use a towel at once and to wait a few minutes so that natural ingredients are absorbed into the skin. A good rest after such miraculous bath is required! Therefore, the best time for the procedure is before going to the bed. 

But such milk cocktail for the skin does not fit to all. It should not be taken during the pregnancy, acute catarrhal infections, tumors, dermatological and cardiovascular diseases. 

Milk for the body: aroma boom

It worth to give proper respect to Cleopatra: this wise woman did not confine herself to the milk and she added honey for flavor to the bath. We offer you to choose the body milk with different flavors: 

  • soothing bath with lavender;

  • invigorating bath with grapefruit;

  • delicate milk-chocolate bath with white chocolate;

  • milk bath to create a romantic atmosphere with cream and strawberry aroma.

Cleopatra bath with milk manufactured by "Saules Fabrika" is for all skin types, so feel free to choose a favorite flavor. We use only the best natural ingredients for the manufacture of milk baths: grape seed oil, maize starch, powdered cow's milk and refined perfume composition. 

Now the secret of Cleopatra's beauty is available to everyone! It is sufficient to use powdered milk for the body manufactured by "Saules Fabrika", and your skin will always be soft as velvet.